Blending expressive arts with coaching, Dominique brings people to unexpected
and deep revelations. While embracing unique and often hidden talents,  the result is
authentic and engaging leadership that inspires trust, generates performance and drives change.  Drawing from her work with over 1500 corporate leaders and her past experience as managing director in advertising she  brings solid business reality to her work.

Dominique worked for 11 years in advertising and was during that time simultaneously an assistant  at the ULB (Université Libre de Bruxelles).  During four years, she held the role of Managing Director of TBWA Belgium. She was instrumental in positioning the agency as a pan-European strategic and creative coordination centre for clients like Novartis Europe, Pioneer Europe and  Samsonite Europe. As part of her time at TBWA she also worked at the London headquarters where her role was to develop new global clients.

Dominique is a certified coach,  Art Therapist,  NLP Master (Neuro –Linguistic Programming), Transactional Analysis Practitioner and certified in Belbin Team Roles.  She is co-founder of ICF Belgium (International Coach Federation) and co-founder of the Coaching Square school which is accredited by ICF. She has worked with organisations like the EC, Swiss Life, Axa, L’Oréal Europe, Crédit Agricole,  Astra Zeneca and Dow Corning.